Delhi-Norwich-Langton Amalgamation Talks FAQ's, News (Norwich Minor Hockey)

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Oct 14, 2023 | NMHA | 1169 views
Delhi-Norwich-Langton Amalgamation Talks FAQ's
Why are Amalgamation discussions happening?

The amalgamation of our three minor hockey associations will support player development, allowing players to play at the level of hockey that meets their needs (Local League, AE, or REP) and alongside other players that have the same and/or similar skills and ability. By working together through a full amalgamation, we can provide a more complete and sustainable hockey program. We can do this while maintaining and preserving strong, traditional Local League programs in each centre. Our three communities have been working together over the last couple years, and share similar views and goals that fit well with one another.

Amalgamation can mean:

● Most importantly - children can enjoy playing hockey with peers, while learning and developing at an appropriate level.

● All players playing at a level that is appropriate for their capability.

● Rep and LL teams at all age divisions with appropriately placed players.

● Greater opportunities for improvement and expanding capabilities of players at the local level.

● Increased ability for organization to host specialized development clinics (e.g., goalie clinics, power skating, skills training, and tournaments)

● Larger pool of parent volunteers for tournament hosting, coaching clinics, & certification clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why amalgamate with our neighboring centers?

As each center’s demographics and registrations continue to change, we’re looking for ways to offer the best solutions that will allow hockey to continue to thrive in our communities. It could help both rep and Local League programming to be able to have more competitive teams within their . Amalgamation would help our associations offer a hockey program that maximizes player development and fun in part by fielding teams composed of players with consistent abilities through all levels of hockey. Over the last 2 seasons our three organizations have already been working together with 3.5 players.

If the partnership is approved, where will my Local League child be playing?

One of the primary goals of a partnership would be to maintain the same high quality Local League experience for our community-based recreational teams. This means that the Local League teams would continue to play out of their community arenas as part of their traditional Local League teams under their associations.

If the Partnership is approved, where will my Rep child be playing?

The New Minor Hockey Association would work towards a fair and balanced allocation of Rep Teams amongst the centers, so that all communities share in being able to host Rep Team games and practices. This could involve Rep teams being based out of a specific arena for the season, or a rotation of ice times among the facilities throughout the season.

What League will a new Representative Association play in?

TBD in consultation with OMHA, but likely Southern Counties where they currently do.

Would the amalgamated centers have a new name?

Yes, centers would work together to form a new Association and name.

What would the new association be called?

If voted on and approved, a subcommittee will be created to handle the submission of ideas for names and logos. Centers would be very open to having the membership make recommendations which can be considered.

Will the new center have its own Board of Directors?

Yes, the amalgamated center will have a Board made up of an equal number of Directors from each center to start, compromised from the current boards at each association.

Is an amalgamation happening automatically?

No. The decision to amalgamate or not is the responsibility of each voting member of the three centers.

How does amalgamation happen?

Each center would need a majority vote based on their constitution for approval by their respective members to proceed with the amalgamation. This would happen at a Special Resolution Meeting of the members.

If the vote is yes to amalgamate, when does it start?

That depends on several factors from all Associations including when the vote was passed. We would potentially aim to be officially amalgamated for the start of the 2024-2025 season. OMHA has set a deadline for membership votes and all paperwork to be filed by November 24th, 2023 to be eligible for the 2024-2025 Season.

If the vote is no, then what happens?

If any organization has less than the required yes votes, than the current associations will continue as they are now.

Who can vote?

The voter list for each of the three centres will differ because every centre has their own constitution that outlines who is eligible to vote.

Where will my player have practice?

Throughout a season teams may rotate between all three arenas they practice and have games at for representative hockey. Local League teams will primarily play out of their home centre.

What will the center point be for the new organization?


What if I am in a right of choice (ROC) area according to the new center point?

Right of choice (ROC) will be open for any member within the designated area to re-sign or leave the new organization. Once a right of choice player signs onto the organization they are considered a lifetime member.

How will coaches be selected?

Initially coaches will be selected by a committee comprised of people from each center.

How will rep teams be selected?

The teams will be selected by the Coach plus unbiased, independent evaluators. But all of the procedures would be decided on by the board.

Will there be a fixed number of Players from each Association on each Rep team?

No, it is not realistic to set fixed player numbers from each Association. Player selection will be based on player ability/skill. This ensures consistency in talent/skill amongst selected player groups and provides for strong/competitive team structures that are fun and exciting to play within.

When will we find out if the Amalgamation is approved?

The proposed Amalgamation will be presented to the OMHA when all the requirements are completed to provide the best quality application.